by Betterman



"Um Homem Melhor"


released July 6, 2012

All songs by Betterman.
Recorded and mixed by Bernardo Pacheco at Fábrica de Sonhos (SP) (01 - 05/2012).
Mastered at Mammoth Sound Mastering (EUA) (06/2012).
Art & design by Marcelo Delamanha.
Label: Gear Inc. Records



all rights reserved


Betterman São Paulo, Brazil

Band São Paulo/SP/Brazil since 2011

Lira - bass/vocal
Gila - guitar/vocal
Paulo Gervilla - guitar
Rafa - drums

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Track Name: I think, therefore I suffer
I've come here from stars to vanish all these scars
Why do they hurt and stay so deep inside?
I've done it before, they return more and more
It's time to come up against my own mind

By now these eyes can't see the light
That comes from that dead calm place
And I still try to get alright
But I know nothing's gonna change

Am I getting close?
Am I getting lost?

There's something wrong
Where does it come from?
Blocking thoughts that never stop
I always deal with something really real
So I don't care if it's so unfair
They just complain, don't feel the pain
I miss myself or maybe something else...
Track Name: What breaks a heart
One day I realised that nothing lasts for eternity
And now this knowledge always lets me down
Although you tell me my will is weak and I won't resist
Days show me that will is an old law

I'm sure I cannot be responsible
For every single moment in my whole world

I know I can choose some things to run my own life
I don't prefer to let it burn but I could freeze it sometimes

One day I realised that people come and people go away
And all that remains are my memories
If I had the strenght to follow this free and lonely way
Maybe I'd feel better in the next stories

I hope to get rid of this bitter taste
A freedom inside a structure I shouldn't waste

I wish I faked all my faces to show you I don't mind
In fact I'm supposed to be brave not a coward blind

Believe, I cried in a boreal spring
This suffering is mine, breaking my naive heart
It's about time to get brand new wings
I will find, it's only one more restart

Is there a place where human race isn't falling down?
Am I free? Am I stuck? Or am I just a clown?
I've been trying to keep away those things which break my heart
Track Name: Sisyphus' boulder
I roll it up to the mountain
In the winter
After a knives rain
It gets heavier
No matter if I work hard
In the summer
The way is so far
Sun gets hotter

Maybe I should give up
There's no sugar in this cup
What's the purpose of this stone
Your work is undone
Always falls

Give me a reason to explain
The absurdity of existence
Who tells me how to maintain
A lot of tasks which never end?

I know I left devotion
It's so rebel
Finding emotion
Coming from hell
Sometimes it's useless
If I were stronger
But it's meaningless
It's forever

I can't make any noise
'Cause the whisper is my voice
Hear me now
Gods don't forgive when
You have consciousness
Grief I saw

When I miss the fastest train
In turtle I have to trust
Even if my attempt is in vain
I feel I need to try
Track Name: Every day smells like rain
She dreams alone after a party and had some fun
She screams: "Don't go!"
In front of the mirror there's no hope
No regrets, It's too late
I confess, nothing makes much sense
We forget ourselves

He's felt at home kissing smiles that have gone
He hasn't heard what the wisdom says

You were my friend
You were my love
You were my happiness
You are this simple song

It could be me
It could be him
It could be anyone else
Maybe it's your revenge

You know you'll waste what's pure and true
I wish you never taste what's to feel blue

Thank you, sunshine:
"The guilt is mine
Because by your side
I was afraid of dying..."
Worried all the time
The saddest guy
No desires to collide
Now I learn to misguide

The Black Roses poem
Became my favourite touchstone
A self-manipulation
Monday morning's motivation

No roof, no floor
Face the storm to fill this emptiness
It's so ambiguous
Track Name: Diagnosis: misanthropy
Please, don't ask me to be someone
I'll probably ignore
You say I'm kind of stubborn
I won't stop
Once I changed my life like Harry Haller just postponed his crime

How many times did I find another hole or defect to hide
While things are happening outside?
How many lines did I write to become the one and be the prime
Not one more point in the sky?

I'm stuck, I can't climb
And everywhere I go the gale starts to blow
Every time I see this pine
All the things fall apart

It burns down the biggest town
No such power is coming around
You're gonna be safe underground
Or sit down and watch me crawl
No social skill until the last round
Guess who is bluffing right here right now

As the music, I could dance
I'd be the winner of your game
My self defense
'Cause I don't wanna be the same
Putting on others all the blame
Fuck your shame

I isolate myself from society
Or society isolates me

Calm down and hold this song
While I can't feel your souls
I don't wanna share your goals
Sometimes I'm a dried bone
I can't fit in with anyone
So I just want to be alone
Track Name: Wolf or sheep?
After all those broken promises
I convinced myself
My tears are smaller than this ocean

Life is short
Life is hard
Some give up
Others get high
You must make your choice
Or stay among the noises

Have you been waiting for your turn?
There's no concern in waiting line

In my mind I water the trees
And by my hands I plant the seeds

Before taking that red pill
Be prepared for what's new
Use claws in mazes
At any time the master will betray you
No refuge, you are free
Flock, should I leave you?

Who am I now?
Wolf or sheep?